Monthly Archives: February 2012

Using phplists with german special characters (Umlaute äöüß)

PHPList ( cannot handle german special characters (Umlaute äöüß) in a standard installation. I followed some hints to fix that problem, and at some point it worked. I’m not quite sure which step really fixed the issue. The things I tried are:

  1. Include the german language file in the config.php.
  2. Make sure that the charsets in the phplists configuration is set to UTF-8.
  3. Edit the texts/ translation file and change strCharSet to UTF-8
  4. Edit the admin/lan/de/language_info and set UTF-8 for charset.
  5. Open the database in phpMyAdmin and edit the phplist_message table. Set collation to utf8_general_ci.

EDIT: The PHPList version I used here is 2.10.17